Imprelis® Class Action Settlement

This is the official court-approved website for the Imprelis® Class Action Settlement.

A class action settlement provides money and other compensation for damage to trees and other vegetation that was caused by an herbicide (weed-killer) called Imprelis®.

Imprelis® was applied by lawn care professionals on residential and commercial properties, as well as by licensed "self-applicators" on golf courses and other properties. Imprelis® was approved for application across the country - except in California and New York - between August 31, 2010, and August 21, 2011.

This Settlement provides compensation to three groups, called classes, of individuals and businesses. Select one of the classes for more details.

The Court granted Final Approval of the Settlement on October 17, 2013. 
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This site is hosted and maintained by the court-appointed Settlement Administrator, and is supervised by the attorneys that negotiated the Settlement.

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